About Us

Renowned Interior Designer Nicholas Koh established Design Embassy since 2011 to provide services not only in interior designing but a whole array of excellence in the vast area of Designing work. Being in this industry for more than 15 years working with prominent local and international interior designers around the globe, Design Embassy is built on solid foundation. Working in conjunction with famous Singaporean Feng Shui Master Mr David Tong, Design Embassy has brought design services to a whole new level. Since its inception we have been delivering trusting services with quality and competitive prices, and clients have built up solid and strong confidence in us.


Our foremost aim as a design firm is to provide the most personalized services to clients. Projects and tenders are awarded not only based on trust but many also through referrals. We work very intricately with every individual’s taste and preferences and only deliver results that are desired by our customers while taking into strong account every customers’ budgetary concerns. Budget never compromises our quality workmanship and we value each and every one of our clients.


Equipped with a motivated workforce, we consistently improve ourselves in the area of design. As such, we provide design in any style desired be it renaissance or futuristic. We strive also to source out to expand our huge database of contacts for the best resources available in the market. This not only means better quality but also translates to low costs bearable by you and us. Lastly, we are committed to every customer and we also take into serious account the after service that includes advice on the best maintenance.


Feng Shui Master Mr David Tong works in conjunction with Nicholas from Design Embassy. Being a close associate of Nicholas and being in the geomancy industry for more than 8 years, Mr Tong provides top notch consultancy services to customers and is deemed as one of the top geomancy practitioners in the region of Southeast Asia.